Samsung UE40B7020

She’s Super Skinny

There’s slim and then, here I’ll toss in a hyperbole, there’s catwalk model slim.  If TVs are equated to that statement, then the 40B 7020 is “catwalk model” thin.

It’s a mere 3.6cm (approx 1.5 inches) deep with a 1 inch screen.

The features include 4HDMI inputs, a brace of USB inputs, wireless internet connection – the wireless dongle, an electronic device that must be attached to a computer in order for it to use protected software, does not come with the set and that has been a bone of contention with purchasers.

It does come with made-to-order Yahoo widgets, such as YouTube and Flickr; and the lighting is Led-edged.

Along with the dongle, the unnecessarily large remote, was an issue

DVD users will be impressed by the suppression of extraneous picture noise, agreeable colors , especially the skin tones and the levels of black.  All enhanced by a nice, smooth motion.

Sound does not get good press; it’s fairly captive and if, for example, you are replaying a TV show, recorded from a poorer quality set, you won’t get any joy with the ‘7020.

Overall you’ll be buying, or have bought an impressive TV set.

Samsung LE37B650

HD Ready

Experts have rated the Samsung LE 37b 650 as 4 stars; users were a little more generous and rated it as 4.5 out of 5.  So, overall it’s not a bad tribute to another good Samsung product.

There were, of course, mixed reviews most in favour.  On the negative side, complaints were mainly for the freeview picture and poor sound quality.  Again, we must say that the reviews were subjective

This product mixes style and substance to good effect and your 37B 650 comes with lots of connections and features, with a good range of colors and depth.

It is easy to install and it seems like there is no aerial lead was not included – whether this was just a one-off, I can’t be sure.  The teletext feature was bright and sharp and easy to understand.

The 37 inch widescreen is ideal for more intimate viewing and it’s just 17.5 kg (approx 38lbs) so room-to-room portable.

Four HDMI ports give it the ability for you to add video, music and other applications.

For Australian buyers, the advent of HD TV is here and now and region by region, HD is replacing conventional TV.  The Samsung LE 37 b650 is well and truly HD ready.

Samsung UN55B8000

It’s What LED TV Is Supposed to Be

Our editors have given me just 200 words to extol the beauty of the Samsung UN 55B8000 – and what a beauty this entertainment machine is.

I must pay tribute to a guy named Vladmirovich Losevin, a radio engineer, who in the 1920s invented the LED concept.  I’m sure he’d be amazed at how so much technology could be put into a unit so small.

Firstly, you’re going to pay a bit more to adopt this unit – around $2500 – but the quality of the picture and its  very slim, lightweight (just over 50lb) features compensate for this.

Your 55B8000 offers you both full screen and wide screen options and the back input and outputs can be easily installed with HDMI cables.

Sound is enhanced by three speakers – all at the rear plus tow ordinary speakers and a woofer.  I have been told that once hooked into the surround sound, it’s a double Wow! factor.

I just love the sleep timer and the PIP – that’s picture in picture which allows you to view many channels at once on the same big 55 inch screen.

Fellow reviewers having given mixed reaction to it. Yet, the majority give it the thumbs up – me too.

Samsung UE46B8000

An All-Round Entertainment Center

What we have here is another super slim (1.2 inches), energy saving marvel from the house of Samsung. A great set with all the features you’d comer to expect from a Samsung product.

Great image quality backed up with Wi-Fi.  It’s a biggie though, a great entertainment center right there in your own home.

The behind stuff gives you four HDMI ports, 2USB ports and an Ethernet jack – the USB and Ethernet lets you play video, music or download photos (wow! in 46inch).

This is the Series 8 which gives you Samsung’s internet TV suite, Entertainment Mode and Connect Share allowing the TV to be a complete entertainment center.

A great feature of the 46B8000 is the inclusion of Yahoo widgets – information and fun apps – and these can be attained with an internet connection. You can access YouTube, check out your local or world-wide weather, catch up on the news, stocks and shares,  and recipes as prepared by the top chefs; there’s Twitter and a heap more.  Then of course, you must save time to catch your favorite TV shows.

This set retails from about $2500 – $3000. A big price tag but well worth it.

Samsung UE40B8000

Nice to Stay Home For

It’s skinny, sleek and an ideal replacement or new TV, or entertainment center.  This is the Samsung UE 40B8000 model, from the wonderful world of LED lighting TVs. It offers:

  • 200Hz motion with wide screen, Color Enhancer Pro.
  • Yahoo widgets and an easy to use technology
  • 4 x HDMI
  • Pebble-shaped remote control.
  • Light – 20.4kg

This is a right tech television and uses its LED lighting technology to good effect. It’s almost a right of passage now for televisions to be a little more that just a set.

Users are demanding that it be a virtual entertainment center, allowing PC access, music DVD/Videos and for those who want to show off the photos of important events – a photo album and shown in high color and on a 40 inch screen.

With widgets being more than just a fun thing, access to the widgets means you can watch the weather, see the stock reports, check world times with more widgets being added.

Your Samsung UE 40B8000 retails at about $2,000 and of course, your dealer could have their own special deals to bring the price even lower.

A night in couldn’t be nicer.

But of course be careful, here is one with screen fault after 9 months. They will replace it of course but still it isn’t nice.

Samsung UE40B7000

Your Photos Never looked So Good

LED – light emitting diodes – is not new to TV, but in the new 40B7000. Samsung has utilized this technology into making something exceptional.   Technically speaking, the 409B7000 is not backlit – it is edge lit (diodes mounted in the side of the set, not behind the panel.

This technology allows your TV to be whisker-thin and it is so with the 40B7000.  Not only that, it’s light, very light and thus, wall mountable.

A reviewer pointed out to me that Samsung has gotten itself an exclusive with Yahoo and its widgets – these are so easy to use and look awesome.  At this stage, the Yahoo widgets are purely the province of Samsung, although other manufacturers are waiting to introduce this.

Your Samsung 40B7000 is slick, super thin and a joy to watch. It comes with a whole range of extras which are going to keep you happy for a long while.

It’s a lightweight – about 14.5kg – just over 30lbs and an energy saver as well.  So, to cite an old cliché, it pays for itself.

Music, photos, videos, your 40B7000 can handle them all and seeing all your family favorite photos on 40 inches of screen is indeed a blast.

Samsung UE46B6000

This biggie – 46-in screen backlit LED, energy saver is sure to please the most discerning TV buyer. Part of the Series 6 family, the 46b promises that you have never see TV like this before.

It has clean, smooth lines and is eco-friendly and super-slim and that has been an endearing feature.

Thev 46b is LED-lit and a nice clear sound comes through via the SRS Trusound High Definition-HD and digital Dolby.

This beauty is just over a meter wide and it’s reasonably light weight about 28.5 lbs makes it manageable by one person.  It’s easy on the eye and on the planet too, using 40 per cent less power than the conventional LCD TV.

There is an option for you to run the media play software and if you choose to, just plug in a USB port and you’ll be able to look at photos – I just love ‘em in 46in; play your music, must admit to having the feeling of being in a concert hall when listening to my favorite classics.  If you’re a movie buff – bingo! You’re going to be well satisfied.

The price tag is a tad heavy but in the scheme of things you’re saving on energy costs and the like, and earlier models such as the 2009 can be bought at some darn good prices.

Samsung UE32B6000

The purchase of a LCD TV or plasma can be a daunting task; are you looking for a large screen model or happy with a smaller screen, which gives good resolution.

The Samsung 32(that’s the screen size) b6000 will give you what you want.  It’s an LED back lit slim model with a nice 32in wide screen.

It’s a good looking piece too and if it were looks alone which promoted sales, this one and its family range would, in my opinion, top the list.

The bulky fluoro tube found in most of the LCD TVs has been forsaken in the Samsung implementation of the LED backlighting – from that comes an unbelievable slim profile.   It is a stunning looking TV enhanced b y its glossy rose red finish.

As far as pricing goes, Samsung has made this edge-based set affordable.

LCD TVs traditionally come with the backlight, always on to illuminate the display.  This causes difficulty in achieving high contrast.  The LED technology allows for higher contrast and comes with the added benefits of a much wider color box; it uses less power and is a less bulky item with the backlight removed.

All of the 6000 series employ edge-based LEDs and uses white LEDs along the edges which direct the light forward and out of the screen.

Some reviewers praise Samsung for retaining all the important features that are found on larger models on its 32B6000.

You’ll certainly get delight for your dollar (ecstasy for your Euro, pleasure for your pound) with the Samsung 32B6000.

Samsung UE40B6000

On looking at this slimline, LED-backlit model one cannot help but be impressed by its touching design.

LED is peripheral edge lighting and the dimmer function is on at all times and it cannot be switched off as its part of the system.

The image quality is very good and let’s say, at the outset, this model is ideal for the TV viewer who doesn’t want all the bells and whistles.  It is a good, basic LED TV.  However, having said that, there are some features at the back of the set we need to address.   Samsung has brought in a set of 3.5mm jacks on its cables, of course, for fitting accessories.  A major TV reviewer explained that the cable themselves were not the best.

The 40B6000 comes with a set of USB ports just the ticket for iPod and digital camera.

The built-in speakers tended to distort and sounded tinny.  External speakers would be the go here.

The large remote control was well laid out and functional with easy to read and manipulate buttons – it does have a few more function buttons to go with any extra fittings.

Samsung has to get kudos for the color boosting controls and for a very clear menu.

The 40B6000 came with mixed reviews.  Mainly technical far and basically for the technical savvy and videophiles who want crystal clear clarity and sound.